Simple steps for cleaning your stable in Cedar lake

Simple steps for cleaning your stable in Cedar lake written by: alexismorgan

Keeping the stable clean in Cedar lake is vital for the health and safety of your horse. Failure to clean stables properly attracts rodents and insects. Dirty stables also become homes to disease causing organisms that can infect the horses leading to severe health complications. To prevent this, stables should be cleaned thoroughly on a regular basis, the more often horses spend in the stable, the more it should be cleaned.

Clean your stables

When cleaning stables, you should have the right tools and equipment. Since stables contain droppings and urine, you should protect yourself by covering your skin in order to prevent any infection. Wear thick gloves to prevent the formation of blisters on the hands and strong shoes to protect your feet.

Clean your horse stables

Simple steps to a clean stable

  • After removing everything from the stable, begin with the top and use a brush to remove the cobwebs, bird nests and dust from the ceiling. A face mask will come in handy here so that you do not breathe all the dust. You may also need to use a stepladder to help you reach the high areas.
  • Using a yard brush, sweep away the floor dirt and get rid of as much dirt as you can.
  • If there are windows, use a horse friendly solution to clean them, if you do not get the right disinfectant, a solution of white vinegar also works great on glass windows.
  • Make use of a pressure washer to clean the floors thoroughly. Remember to first remove the rubber matting but if you are unable to, only use the pressure washer if the water can be drained easily.
  • In case you do not have a pressure washer, you can use a brush and a horse friendly solution to scrub paying attention to the stubborn stains.
  • After everything inside is clean, check the rubber matting and remove any stains or dirt and place it back in the stable.
  • Now clean the horse‚Äôs feeding and water buckets. First remove all the water and food, scrub the inside of the buckets then refill them. Also, refill the hay nets and hang them as well.
  • Carefully check the entire stable for any exposed nails that can injure the horse. At this point, take advantage to correct any problems in the stable like lose hinges among other little problems.
  • After everything is dry, put back the mats and set them and prepare to return the horse back to the stable.

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